Bundling care offers not only an effective way to improve outcomes, but also an opportunity to save money in the process. However, determining the price for your bundle requires more than just adding together the costs of each component of care. After all, each patient and procedure presents specific risks and care requirements that can dramatically effect costs. And how do you account for the unexpected? A simple bundle can’t account for these possibilities. An Intelligent Bundle can.

Risk Adjustment – Over 500 demographic, socioeconomic, patient and procedural risk factors are considered in building an Intelligent Bundle. Our modeling approach identifies the risk adjusted cost for routine care, permitting more accurate bundle pricing and greater opportunities for savings.

Appropriateness – Our bundles are designed by physicians who understand appropriate care delivery. That means that in our bundles a doctor’s choices aren’t guided by cost alone—they are guided by what is cost-effective. That’s just intelligent.

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  • Lower costs and increased margins
  • Improved quality of care
  • Simple set up and easy management
  • Everyone wins: Providers, Payers, and Patients

The work of MPA is truly distinctive in how well it serves the perceived and implicit needs of the clients. I do not know of another organization of that type that so well combines clinical and technical sophistication, efficiency, and understanding of and responsiveness to the clients’ requirements.

-Henry Krakauer, MD, PhD

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